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29 June 13

TUMBLR, ATTENTION::::::::::::::::::



Thousands of you reblogged images of Wendy Davis and talked all kinds of shit about Texas,

but OHIO already passed a harsher bill, 55 to 44 on Thursday. 

The proposal in Texas requires physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges to hospitals within a 30-mile radius of their clinic.

Ohio takes it a step further: doctor’s providing abortions are not allowed admitting privileges in public hospitals.

The bill says the doctor must, “describe the development of nerve endings of the embryo or fetus and the ability of the embryo or fetus to feel pain at each stage of development.” Meaning, a woman undergoing an abortion in the first trimester — which is when many abortions happen — must be told her fetus is capable of feeling pain even though there is no conclusive medical evidence of this.

A physician performing an abortion must sign sign a “conflict of interest’ waiver stating how much money the doctor or his or her facility made from preforming abortions in the previous year. The physician must also provide a statement detailing how much money they or their clinic would lose if a woman decides to carry her pregnancy to term. Before performing the abortion the physician must give a woman these documents.

Under the law in Ohio, women seeking an abortion must now undergo an ultrasound no matter the circumstances of her pregnancy. There is no medical reason for a woman to undergo an ultrasound for a first-trimester abortion. States began to impose this procedure in the 1990s in what the Guttmacher Institute calls “a veiled attempt to personify the fetus and dissuade a woman from obtaining an abortion.

The new bill increases the mandatory wait time for a woman to receive abortion from 24 hours to 48 hours. The wait period cannot be bypassed unless “the pregnancy complicates the medical condition of the woman that the death of the woman would result from the failure to immediately terminate the pregnancy.” That means, for example, if a woman is raped —but is not teetering on the brink of death—she must wait the mandatory 48 hours and undergo all the above restrictions.



I reblogged this earlier, but I need you all to understand that this is of the  utmost importance. We need your support. Please sign the petition. Please call him at (614) 466-3555. Please tweet him. Please trend #StandwithOhio. Please. Please. Please.

Another petition!

Y’all are focusing on Texas and that’s cool but,

Ohio has until 11:59 on Sunday, June 30thuntil the governor signs the bill into law and it will be the FIRST in the United States of its kind. 

Please, if just 1/5 of the people who followed me sent a tweet, made a phone call, or signed the petition, we’d make a difference. I know that you all care, so please do what you can!


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    Here’s how I see it: I don’t think I would be able to choose abortion with my wife without serious medical reasons, but...
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    I agree that abortions can also be harmful to the mother, but it will often be safer than bringing the child to term....
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    Everytime someone uses the ‘They can give it up for adoption’ argument for anti-abortion, I just want to fucking slap...
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    Yee buddy I’m from Ohio.
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    Why is everyone freaking out… women can still get their damn abortions, they just changed the process a bit. calm down.
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