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26 June 13

nearlyfuckingwitches said: The protesters are being removed? Don't they have an active right to be there, involved in their government's process, you know something about first amendment rights. I am so fucking pissed, I have to remember to breathe. Also, I want to thank you for updating on the filibuster. My tablet doesn't do livestream and at one point the internet went out so I had to use the 4G on my phone just to see your blog. Thank you, really.

I don’t even know anymore.

Apparently our right to protest is just as valid as our right to choose in Texas. That is to say: it’s not valid.

  1. cortibah said: I heard one Senator threatening them with something about ‘48 hours imprisonment’.
  2. ghoul-y said: I’m so livid right now. That gallery is MY fucking gallery as a citizen of Texas. My brothers and sisters are being forcibly removed from it…for what? Protesting a bill that denies bodily autonomy to pregnant people? EXERCISING THEIR RIGHTS?ok
  3. rabbleprochoice posted this
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