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12 October 12

selfabsorbeddelusion said: i hate to be THAT girl but i do believe in some cases it's okay for a man to hit a woman. i say this only because my step dads ex girlfriend constantly physically abused him, to the point that he ended up in hospital (she was an ex army woman, so she was quite frankly a lot stronger than him) he let this happen for three years. i don't think it's right that she abused the fact that she was a woman and that "boys can't hit girls." he should have been able to defend himself.

I’m not defending that. Anyone of any gender can be an abuser but I am sick and fucking tired of hearing men try to put out scenarios in which it’s okay to hit a woman. Men who hit women are cowards and only do so because it makes them feel powerful so if someone is trying to DEFEND a man hitting a woman because that’s the only thing they care about when it comes to feminism (“if being a feminist means you want women to be equal then I should be able to hit a woman”) then there is something seriously wrong. 

I’m not going to write off the fact there are men who ARE abused by the women they’re in relationships with and I also recognize that it’s often harder for them to seek help because of the patriarchy and how men are expected to act. BUT that’s not really what the point of that discussion was. The point of that discussion was that a man wanted to be told why he shouldn’t hit women when women get aggressive and stop taking his shit.

We can have a discussion about men who are victims of domestic violence, but it needs be outside of the “Feminism means I should be able to hit women and not face charges” discussion.



  1. seraphknights said: Hallelujah. I don’t think it’s wrong to hit someone back in self-defense, but it’s pretty wrong to prioritize making sure that you’re allowed to hit women over the million other related issues.
  2. intohimo-fox said: FUCKING THANK YOU
  3. stfusexists said: Why is it more okay for him to hit her back than to get her ass arrested? Ridiculous logic is ridiculous.
  4. smartwaterofficial said: What the hell is with everyone today
  5. rabbleprochoice posted this
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