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11 October 12

stfusexists replied to your post: The abortion question’s response was not perfect from Biden

I disagreed with the question being asked in a religious frame, and I disagree with asking for personal rather than policy questions, especially from people who cannot ever be pregnant.

I completely agree. I didn’t like how this question was phrased at all. I don’t want it framed in a religious sense at all because that’s not what abortion is primarily concerned with.

The feelings people have on abortion will never be unified because it’s a moral issue and while I understand WHY this question was phrased that way, I really do take issue with it. Abortion is a medical procedure it is NOT an opportunity to wax poetic about your personal morals and religious beliefs because THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE FOR NATIONAL POLITICS.

And, yes, I GET why the moderator asked it in this way and I think the way Joe answered it will appeal to a lot of people who need to be told that it is okay to be pro-life in your personal life and NOT demand others follow that, too, but it really takes away from the reality of what abortion IS (a medical procedure).



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