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11 October 12

The abortion question’s response was not perfect from Biden

His answer was as good as I can expect BUT this whole “life begins at conception” thing is a really big problem.

Mostly because it doesn’t address the actual issue. It’s just fluff.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter when life begins. This is a primarily religious concept but even if we could prove it with science it doesn’t matter that the fetus is alive. There are lots of things that are alive that we kill, like children in Palestine with drones, for example. A fetus is not a PERSON. It is not AUTONOMOUS. 

THIS is why terminating a pregnancy is NOT murder, because you aren’t killing a PERSON.

Constantly saying “I think life begins at X” only gives people like Paul Ryan a leg-up in this discussion. LEGALLY, a fetus is not a person and is not protected under the constitution. A pregnant person is a person. The fetus within them is not, it doesn’t matter when life begins.



*Since I already know I’ll get numerous messages asking this: Personally I believe life is a continuous process. There is no beginning with conception, it’s merely a continuation of the life of the egg and sperm that merged together because both the sperm and egg were already alive.

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    Definitely agree. The religious aspect should not have been touched on at all, but I am glad Biden went with what he...
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    Honestly, I thought it was a good move. He wasn’t alienating to his religion. He’s allowed to have his own religious...
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